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A new twist! The development of our scientists “The concept of the development of public transport in Atyrau for 2017-2022”

October, 1 at 19:02

Next year 8 new routes will appear on the streets of the oil capital, 5 of
them – express routes. This was stated at the presentation of the “Concept
of development of public transport in Atyrau for 2017-2022”. One of the
main ideas is that buses from suburban neighborhoods and villages will not
enter the regional center.


The L.B. Goncharov Kazakh Automobile and Road Institute undertook
development of the project at a cost of 22 million tenge in Almaty by the
researc team of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Zhumazhan
ZHANBYROV. Students of two Atyrau universities helped to count the
passenger flow in buses.

The concept was presented to the public by the author himself:

– Buses from the suburbs will not enter the city. To regulate the passenger
flow in 4 places – near the Alaman bus station (traffic police post), in
Geolog (near the automobile market, at the intersection of the Inderskaya
and Dossor highways), in Balykshi (at the market site) and in Zhumysker (at
the intersection with Avangard) – it is planned to build transfer points.
These will be parking lots for trucks and cars, places to relax, a shower
for drivers, a dining room, etc. Secondly, the number of children is
growing in the city, but there are very few children’s play places.
Therefore, the construction of shopping and entertainment centers, water
parks, attractions, and retail outlets is envisaged in these points.

The main goal of the concept is for citizens with children to be able to go
out of town, to shop, and children could play there. And this will reduce
traffic in the city. Such a system has proven itself well in Astana and

— Another problem is that now 30-35 percent of passengers have been picked
up by private cabs, taxi drivers. Only 22 percent of the population uses
old buses. Therefore, we have made large changes to the concept through
implementing to the routes the comfortable buses, so that visitors can
leave their cars outside the city and travel by bus. A special lane for
buses only will be additionally built on Satpayev Avenue from the House of
Everyday Life and to the central bridge. There will also be changes on
Azattyk Avenue to Balykshy. If cars turn both left and right now, then not
all cross roads will be open later – some traffic lights will be removed,
adjacent roads will be blocked, there will be direct through traffic way.

— And this will not lead to an increase in accidents?

— Everything here depends on the culture of the drivers and the residents
themselves. For example, in Almaty, some streets were closed altogether.
And if it’s difficult to get somewhere by car, leave it and take public
transport. Cheap and fast. And this option was supported by the akim of
Atyrau, and we will introduce this system. This will increase profits by
2-3 times, which means budget revenues.

– Passenger transportation is still a profitable business.

Transportation is a very profitable business. I created a transport company
myself and have been in this business for 15 years. I explained everything
to the carriers, calculated all their expenses and income. In the
beginning, you need to invest, and in 3 years everything will return. But
if the concept is not introduced in 3-4 years, then your public transport
will stand up.

According to the professor’s concept, funding in the amount of 12 billion
tenge will be required from the akimat to create 4 parking lots and other


After the professor’s report, the floor was given to local residents. Artur

— We are tired of the terrible attitude on buses. They don’t give you
tickets, if you ask, they throw them in your face. They stand at the stops
for a long time. It is always overloaded, especially in gazelles, where we
stand bent over and suffer. Why is this concept being drawn up only now and
waiting for another 5 years? Why didn’t they start in 2013, when Ice Trans
Holding came? Where are the deputies of the maslikhat?

Deputy Akim of Atyrau Meirim KALAUI:

— I am a resident of this city myself, I studied here and rode these buses.
We know all the problems. We won’t wait five years. If a decision is made
after these hearings, the new routes will be introduced after the new year.
And in 5 years everything necessary will be built. Now Gorakimat is
negotiating with a Czech company – we plan to introduce electronic
ticketing with new routes. And there will definitely be subsidizing from
the budget of transportation of children, disabled people and other groups
of the population. We will make our demands to carriers – big buses, the
presence of air conditioners, high salaries for drivers and conductors,
their behavior. Until October 20, the concept will be discussed, then the
preparation of tender documents, we will negotiate with investors, we are
ready to listen to all proposals.

According to the deputy mayor of the city, a tender has now been announced
for the construction of 30 new stops. Replacement of the tracks of 182
stops is planned.

– Many streets are not illuminated, and winter is ahead, children leave
school late…

— By the end of the year, together with the Batys Transport company, we
will carry out lighting on 39 streets. The emphasis is on the suburbs –
Atyrau-Damba, Atyrau-Yerkinkala, Atyrau-Talgairan. The investor invested 2
billion tenge for the project, work is underway. Next year, the same
company will take over the lighting of 180 streets.

The Head of the LLP — carrier answered the question of the residents of the
Chemical settlement about the absence of buses on route No. 7 on the first
day of the hearing, and the next day — Professor Zhumazhan Zhanbyrov:

— When we arrived here, route No. 7 did not go at all. After yesterday’s
complaint of residents, the Head of Atyrau Taxi was called today, discussed
and decided to let buses from Avangard to Kara Depot through Himposelok. He
was given a task. In general, the route is unprofitable. Therefore, by
Monday they must bring data — how many schoolchildren, pensioners are
transported, for additional funding from the akimat. So far, Ice Trans
Holding has provided buses for the route.


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