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Transport Technique and Organisation of Transportation

About Department

Transport Technique and Organization of Transportation

The creation of the L.B.Goncharov Kazakh Automobile and Road Institute (KAZADI) began in 1999. Rakhimzhan Kabashev, Rector of KazADI, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Transport, became the first Head of the Department of Lifting and Transport, Road Construction Machinery and Equipment, Automobiles and Automotive Industry. He has 50 years of experience in the field of education at K.I. Satpayev KazSTU, KazGASA, M. Tynyshpayev KazATK, where he worked as Dean, First vice-rector.

The main task of the Department is to provide theoretical and practical training of specialists with professional knowledge and educational skills. The Head of the "Transport equipment and organization of transportation" Department is currently a Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate professor in the 05.22.06 "Railway track, survey and design of railways" major, PhD in 6D090100-Organization of transportation, traffic operation of transport major, Elmira Zhatkanbayeva.

Transport Technique and Organisation of Transportation Faculty Portfolio

Educational Programs

The "Transport Equipment and organization of transportation" Department is the main educational and scientific structural unit of the Institute, ensuring the implementation of educational, educational, methodological, research and other processes. The Department unites the scientific and pedagogical staff of the relevant profile, ensuring its normal functioning.

The Department is a part of the "Avtoroad" faculty and operates in accordance with the regulations of the Department.

The Department trains personnel in the direction of higher and postgraduate education according to the following educational programs.

Bachelor's degree

6B07107 - Transport, Transport Equipment and Technologies
6B11311 - Organization of Transportation, Movement and Operation of Transport
6B11312 - Logistics (by industry)
6B11313 - Traffic Management
6B11314 - Organization of Transportation and Logistics in Transport

Master's degree

7M07104 - Transport, Transport Equipment and Technologies (scientific and pedagogical direction)
7M07105 - Transport, Transport Equipment and Technologies (profile direction)
7M11313 - Organization of Transportation, Traffic and Operation of Transport (scientific and pedagogical direction)
7M11314 - Organization of Transportation, Traffic and Operation of Transport (profile direction)


8D07103 - Transport, Transport Equipment and Technologies (scientific and pedagogical direction)
8D11305 - Organization of Transportation, Traffic and Operation of Transport (scientific and pedagogical direction)


Scientific and Research Work

The teaching staff of the Department actively participates in tenders, competitions for the development and implementation of research, contractual and state budget topics. The Department carries out "Improving the efficiency of construction production machines based on improving the system of operation, development and creation of innovative machines and their import-substituting working bodies" research work, according to the thematic plan of the Research Academy, under the guidance of a well-known scientist, Honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, R. Kabashev. Professors of the Department, O. Rabat and S. Li are holders of a state grant funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for "Development of methodological foundations of technical accounting, certification and diagnostics of local highways using modern telecommunication systems, devices and equipment" research works - Head - O. Rabat , "Roller crusher with cycloidal movement of working bodies" - Head S. Li.

The teaching staff of the Department carries out system-analytical research and development work to improve the WB of CRM. Thus, in recent years, contracts have been concluded for carrying out research work in a large volume, which indicates the continuity and continuation of the best traditions, the direction of the predecessors and the development of both the Department as a whole and the faculty individually.

The following construction production machines and their working bodies have been developed and created at the Department:

- a method for controlling the interaction of the cutting element of earthmoving machines with the ground under water;

- a roller crusher with cycloidal movement - an experimental sample of the crusher is made in metal;

- manual electric scissors for cutting sheet and roll materials (an experimental sample);

- the working body of the earthmoving and throwing machine;

- excavator bucket for the development of large-block soils);

- bulldozer-terrace with retractable blade;

- a device for cutting slits;

- road roller with local deformation of the roller in the sealing zone;

- AC voltage inverter;

- roller crusher.

The Department has established relations with leading educational institutions of the far and near

abroad: joint agreements on cooperation and training of specialists have been concluded with the following foreign universities: Silesian University of Technology (Poland); Rezekne Institute of Higher Education (Latvia); Moscow Automobile and Road Institute - Technical University (MADI - GTU), Siberian Automobile and Road Academy (SibADI), Tashkent Automobile and Road Institute (TADI), Tomsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (TSU), I. Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University, etc.

The teaching staff of the Department takes an active part in various international scientific and practical conferences, as well as in the organization and conduct of the "Highways and Transport Vehicles: Problems and Prospects of Development" International Scientific and Practical Conference held annually at the L.B. Goncharov KazADI.

Academician R. Kabashev, Professor S. Lee, Associate Professor A. Kabashev participated in the scientific and practical conference and the conclusion of a joint agreement on cooperation and training of specialists in Vorieng (South Korea).

Conducting practical and laboratory work

There is a virtual laboratory complex for the "Fundamentals of technical operation of transport equipment", "Cars-1" disciplines. The "Mechanics of liquid, gas and hydro-pneumatic drive", "Fundamentals of technical operation of cars" laboratories have been implemented into the educational process.

A specialized educational laboratory has been created to study the device of a car, a complex of operating stands of a passenger car has been developed and installed. Designed, developed and manufactured stands for the study of contact and contactless ignition systems, charging batteries and checking the tightness of the battery housing. There are laboratory rooms for modern and innovative technologies of vehicles and traffic light facilities for the organization of traffic.

When carrying out diploma projects, students of the Department use innovative methods and methods to improve the operation of transport equipment and improve road safety. The developed operating laboratory installations, models, devices, etc., which are further used in the educational process, are submitted for protection. Students D. Borbard and A. Borbat received the "An inverter for voltage conversion" author's certificate.

Diploma laboratory installations and models of students of the Department

The Department successfully operates student mobility with both near and far abroad countries. Thus, students of the TT&OT Department - Askhat Turganbekuly, Oleg Lee, Artem Barsukov successfully studied at the South Korean Automobile and Road Institute and completed their Master's degree; Bilespek Jamal, Arman Seifulmalik - are currently studying at Selezki Polytechnic University (Poland), and Pak Jen Te from South Korea - successfully graduated from the Bachelor's degree in the 5B071300 - Transport, transport equipment and Technology major at the TT&OT Department.

Internship and Employment

Places of training internship.

Contracts with leading enterprises of the road industry have been concluded at the Department:
Nur Temir Trans LLP, Almaty,
Scientific Research Institute of Transport and Communications (Research Institute of TC) Almaty,
CDEK LLP, Almaty,
Velt Logistics LLP, Almaty, LLP
Branch "Virage-Service-Kazakhstan" Almaty,
JRKE LLP "Almaty automobile center KAMAZ" Almaty,
The Almaty Police Department, etc.
Some places have branches of the Department, which allows you to conduct practical, laboratory classes, scientific research directly at the enterprises.
“Virazh-Sevice-Kazakhstan” LLP, Almaty Bus parking Transport Repair Zone Zone TS-2 "Almaty Automobile Center KAMAZ" LLP, Almaty KazADI students undergoing internship at Almaty Automobile Center Kamaz LLP Engine pool Defect pool

Employment and field of activity of graduates.Currently, the Department is part of the educational research and production complex (ERPC), created by the leading scientific production organizations of the road industry: "Virage-Service-Kazakhstan" Almaty, "Transport Holding Almaty", Electotrans LLP, JSC "Asphaltobeton-1", JSC "Kazdorproekt", LLP "Hyundaitransauto", JRKE LLP "Almaty Automobile Center KAMAZ", "KazdorNII", JSC "Reinforced Concrete", Municipal Fleet of Almaty, Almaty and Astana Highway Administration, DKNB RK for Akmola region; Almaty Police Department; SevKazEnergo Motor Transport Enterprise LLP, Victoria Logistics LLP, Kazavtotrans FAO, HTL Keden Service LLP, Transport and Express Company, IE L. Saenko, Hyundai Motor Company, Astana Motors KMK, Karaganda Mining Equipment Plant, Imstalco JSC; Kaztransgazaimak JSC; Almaty Electric Stations JSC, etc.

Internship and Employment


News and Announcements


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